​My first overseas trip was a month in Western Europe in 1999. That's all it took. I loved it and got the travel bug immediately! I've now been to 37 countries on 6 continents experiencing the globe and its amazing cultures. 

In addition to domestic and international travel during the year, every birthday I wake up in a different country! Fabulous tradition! I highly encourage you to try it whether it be a different state or a different country.

Travel stems from a passion, and a curiosity. Out of that passion, as well as a keen interest in sharing it with others, I created a free Travel & Cultures community program in 2009 to educate travelers and wannabe travelers. The group now has over 1,100 members from 8 states and 5 countries! You can attend local meetings and activities, or live anywhere in the world to join us on trips and benefit from online news and Q&A with the members. 

For years I had been the "go to" travel resource and travel planner for friends, colleagues, family and group members. Many people recognized my talent for trip planning, passion for the industry, and encouraged me to put my expertise into a travel business that could help enhance the quality and vacation memories of many.

With that I pursued specialized training and also attended numerous travel industry events, ship inspections, hotel inspections, vendor showcases, travel conferences, tourism board presentations and trips, cruise expos and destination classes.​​ Then I completed the industry's Certification program, got licensed and loved every minute of it.

​​​​Monique Benoit
Travel Consultant
The Travel & Cultures Company​

travel, education and cultural experiences
​​With the formal education combined with my travel planning background, professional experience in the industry, and significant personal travel history, I enthusiastically launched The Travel & Cultures Company. 

Subsequently I completed both of the industry's top professional credentials - Certified Travel Associate (CTA) and Accredited Cruise Counselor (ACC). ​

​​I continue to use my education and expertise to facilitate client's travels, match them with the right trips and suppliers, plan amazing group and individual custom vacations, and provide additional information to enhance their travel experiences.

Thanks for everyone's support, and to my clients for letting me earn your business, your return business, and referrals!